OneCoin Victim of Fake News

Yellow journalism has been around for centuries, but perhaps, 2016 was the year it went mainstream, renamed “fake news.”

All About Fake News

Fake news has found ample opportunity to exist online, where there are zero standards for ethics or truth-telling. Anyone with a computer, internet connection and a website can post anything they want, often hiding behind the cover of anonymity.

OneCoin Victim of Fake News

In the world of cryptocurrencies, fake news has found many targets. Recently, OneCoin found itself the victim of fake news, as multiple “articles” claimed in the weeks leading up to OneCoin’s May 7 annual Macau conference that the conference had been shut down by Chinese authorities.

Of course, none of these reports were true. The reports originated in an obscure German website, but was quickly picked up by numerous other sites, which seem to have a history, and even a self-interest, in maligning OneCoin. One of these other websites even admitted their false reporting by saying, “OneCoin’s May 7th Macau event went ahead as planned.”

Bjorn Bjercke and Tim Tayshun – Lies

Bjorn Bjercke and Tim Tayshun are both responsible for the lies and negative association of fake news to OneCoin. It was exposed early in 2017 that these two had a personal vendetta against all Bitcoin competitors. You may be wondering, why would anyone have a personal conflict with a crypocurrency? The reason is that they are both Bitcoin investors who are seeking to devalue and defame any cryptocurrency that is a serious contender to Bitcoin.

OneCoin Macau Success

And that is exactly what happened – more than 5,000 people attended the OneCoin annual conference on May 7th in Macau. There was absolutely no government interference or objection. In today’s world of fake news, readers need to be more careful than ever. The only truth in this story is that OneCoin was attacked by fake news, but their Macau conference went on without a hitch.

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